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About us!

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The Oakdale School Foundation focuses on enhancing our kids' learning experience at Oakdale, as well as the value of our community, through fulfilling grants requested by teachers and staff.

From raising a few thousand dollars in 1987 at a potluck dinner in the Old Gym, the OSF has grown exponentially over the years to now consistently raise over $150,000 each year to fund the evolving needs of our children. Through generous donors like you, we are able to provide requests that include technology updates, library books, sports uniforms, STEM supplies, classroom enhancements, band instruments, and so much more. 

Our Rocket Launcher donor campaign challenges each family at Oakdale to raise or donate $1,200 throughout the school year. Earn perks at each level like car decals, yard signs, gala tickets, and custom Yetis!

Of course, donations of any amount are deeply appreciated, and volunteering your time, talents, and resources greatly helps our efforts. Thank you for your support!

Who we are.

The Oakdale School Foundation focuses on directly impacting the quality of our kids' education at Oakdale, as well as the value of our community.

What we do.

Through generous donors like you, we are able to provide educational grants requested by our teachers and staff to enhance Oakdale's learning environment.


We all know the score in Oklahoma: state funding is well below the national average and federal funding goes primarily to districts with much greater financial needs. The OSF raises funds to fill in the substantial gaps where state and federal funding fall short, making it possible for Oakdale to have the educational funding and equipment that larger districts receive due to their size and demographics.


How we do it.

Our successful Rocket Launcher campaign challenges each family at Oakdale to raise $1,000 in funds each year to keep Oakdale strong. Money can be raised through tax-deductible personal donations, matching employer contributions, and other fundraising means.


The Rocket Run is Oakdale School Foundation's most anticipated fundraising event of the year, featuring half-mile and one-mile courses for the children to run or walk in celebration of their school. Hundreds of parents, teachers, and community members flock to Oakdale each year to cheer on the runners, making it the largest family rally to raise funds for the needs of Oakdale School.


In the Spring, the OSF Gala is an adults-only catered event where parents, faculty, and friends of Oakdale enjoy a night with friends, dinner, and dancing. The Gala features exciting ways to raise money for a great cause, including highly favored pulls, raffles, and a live auction.


The OSF also raises money throughout the year through our new online silent auction, the Amazon Smiles program, and corporate sponsorships.


While monetary donations of any amount are deeply appreciated, in-kind donations, parent volunteers, and other donated resources greatly help our efforts.



Where does my donation go? 

Unlike tax dollars that primarily fund salaries and facilities, your annual gifts and continued support to the Oakdale School Foundation grant unique enhancements that our amazing faculty have requested to give over 650 students at Oakdale a premium education.


You provide materials for our new STEM classes so our kids can benefit from a richer form of science and math education.


You purchase band instruments, licensing for dramatic productions, costumes, and art supplies so our children can develop a lasting love for the Arts.


You buy sports uniforms so our athletes can become a confident, unified front at team events.


You order iPads, computers, and Smart Boards, along with learning software, so our students can get excited and stay engaged while they learn.


With your support, we can do so much for our kids at Oakdale. We hope you'll choose to be a part of our success.

A complete summary of our current fundraising needs for anticipated grants can be found here. To donate today, use our easy online form. 


Contact us to request a detailed listing of OSF grants awarded last year or for any other information on how our funds are spent.

Are OSF & PTC the same thing?

The Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) and OSF play important roles in the success of our school but are separate organizations with different goals-and both need your support!

Dues collected by the PTC are used to plan social events benefiting the staff and families of Oakdale, such as the annual picnic, and provide numerous teach appreciation activities. 

The OSF is a 501(c)(3) organization that collects tax-deductible donations to fund educational grants requested by our teachers and staff, STEM & technology needs, Fine Arts and Athletics equipment, student scholarships, and other programs that directly impact the learning experience at Oakdale!

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